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At GroundWork group, we help plan your strategic use of technology to strengthen your nonprofit organization and your ability to achieve your mission.

GWg is a nonprofit organization created to help nonprofits address their operating challenges through better use of technology.


  • Technical Support
  • Total Cloud Solution
  • IT Infrastructure Assessment
  • Business & Technology Review
  • Strategic IT Planning
  • Technology Grant Proposal Reviews
Education Information Management

  • Hosted Constituent Management Systems
    • Donor, Volunteer, Association and Client
    • Integrated Online Donation Processing
  • Data Management Analysis
  • Online Special Event Registration Systems
  • Website Integration
  • List Acquisition & Merge/Purge


Introducing a new member benefit for GroundWork group Members…

ComDoc and GroundWork group have entered into a new relationship that results in big savings for GWg Members.

GWg Members that sign up for ComDoc will receive…

3 months of FREE ComDoc service


You can choose to have ComDoc pay your GWg Membership renewal fee.

Additionally, all GWg Members will receive preferred pricing for ComDoc services.

ComDoc offers the latest technology to help you manage all of your document needs.  ComDoc has been helping clients streamline their workflow and optimize their equipment for over 50 years.

Download the flyer.


Research Project
The Impact of Technology on Nonprofits

We want to help nonprofits serve more clients and spend less money.

While a lofty goal – it is proven that technology, appropriately applied, can achieve just that.

Participate in our research.

We are currently conducting a research project among nonprofits in Central Ohio, and we would sincerely appreciate assistance from all nonprofits.  This new research is a follow-up to a similar study conducted in 2010, the results of which can be found here.

All specific organization information collected in this process will be kept confidential within GroundWork group; however, an aggregate report of all responding nonprofits will be shared publicly.  Our Report to the Community: The Impact of Technology on Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness will benefit the community in four ways:

  1. We will send you a copy of the results of your survey.  This is the first step of a technology assessment process that you can continue with GroundWork group if you so choose.  GWg Members who participated in our 2010 study will receive a comparison of their new results with their past results and an assessment of improvements made.
  2. We will share our findings with community funders to clarify the needs of nonprofits.
  3. We will compare the current state of nonprofit technology with previous research and document sector-wide improvements.
  4. We will use the results to help us develop technology services that nonprofits truly need, so we can better achieve our mission to strengthen the impact of nonprofit organizations by enhancing their ability to manage their business operations and achieve their missions through sustainable and affordable information management, education and technology solutions.

Please follow this link to complete your survey online.

Questions about the survey and the research project – Please email or call Tracy Nelson, GWg Marketing & Communications Director, 614-884-7780, ext. 128.


Office Depot Partnership = Discounts for Nonprofits!

GroundWork group Members receive discounts on products from Office Depot.

When GWg was first formed, Office Depot approached us to do an "umbrella" program that would allow GWg and their members to "band together" as one large business entity to be able to receive the lowest discounts on office products sold by Office Depot.  As a constant user of this program, GWg has saved hundreds of dollars over the years, enjoying discounted prices each time we order office supplies and other products.

Sign up now to begin saving money through the program – look into the savings and compare what you are paying now to what you would be paying.

To receive the discounts associated with Office Depot, please connect with GWg's Business Account Manager, Kasey Stephenson, 855.337.6811 ext. 12844 or email.  She will answer your questions and assist you in signing up for the Business Discount Program.


$20 Million +
2012 Tally for Nonprofits Using
GWg Peer-to-Peer Fundraising System

A-thon style (walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon, bowl-a-thon, etc.) or peer-to-peer fundraising strategies allow your organization to leverage your most engaged advocates and strongest supporters by tapping into their personal networks.  Much of the success in this style of fundraising is that you engage those most passionate about your cause to ask their friends and colleagues to help in the fundraising efforts, and it connects you with others who were potentially unknown and perhaps previously unreachable by your nonprofit.

GWg offers both configurable systems that are pretty much ready to deploy and complete custom systems that can be designed to match the look and feel of your brand.

Key benefits of using the GWg "a-thon" fundraising system:

  • Website landing page detailing your event
  • Monitor progress toward reaching your overall fundraising goal
  • Option to encourage competition by displaying the top 5 fundraisers
  • Allow individuals, family groups or teams to register to participate in the event
  • Option for registration to include an agreement to a minimum fundraising commitment
  • Participants can create their own personal web profile, including the ability to:
    • Tell a personal story describing his/her passion for the cause and reason for participation
    • Upload a personal pictures or other images
    • Set a fundraising goal
    • Indicate progress towards reaching the goal
    • Allow donors to be recognized for their support
    • Send solicitation/sponsorship requests to friends, family and colleagues

Administrative or "back-end" features:

  • Administrator access to perform any necessary adjustments and corrections
  • Secure online donation processing of credit card transactions using SSL encryption technology
  • Automatic "Thank You" email notices to all donors and registrants
  • Donations go straight into the organization's bank account
  • No commission fees for your donations
  • Detailed financial and participation reports
  • Staff training and support

Please contact Bryan Butler,, for more information or to get started on creating an affordable and effective a-thon style fundraising system for your nonprofit. 

As nonprofit helping other nonprofits through better use of technology, GroundWork group is proud to have helped several nonprofits through our "a-thon" fundraising systems, including Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio Buddy Walk, Epilepsy Stroll and Pelotonia.


Services YOU Can Use -
FREE Basic Computer & Internet Training from Connect Ohio and Connected Nation

Basic computer literacy for your staff or clients…for free? Replacement of old equipment or installation of capable computers for your staff or clients…computers for less than $130? High speed mobile internet access (or backup access) for your staff or clients...for under $10 per month?

Yes…yes…and yes!

Technology can transform lives, but is only utilized to its full potential when it is understood, available, and enabled. For many of us, it is our mission to leverage and enable technology to transform lives. With Connect Ohio and Connected Nation, options and alternatives you may not be aware of are available to the nonprofit community to bridge this gap.

Staff and clients are welcome to participate in the Every Citizen Online (ECO) FREE basic computer and Internet training program, offered through Connect Ohio. After completion of the 6-hour training course, program participants are eligible to receive home broadband service specials and discounts toward computer purchases from partner companies supporting the ECO broadband initiative. Computer offers start at $129.00 and Internet service as low as $9.99 a month.

GroundWork group believes both organizations can assist your organization or help to enable your clients. Visit to begin training and or call GWg at 614-884-7780 to learn more.

Please Contact Us to have a GroundWork group Team Member contact you with more information on any of our services!


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