Committees play an essential role in helping nonprofits achieve their goal and focus on their mission. Committees fall into two categories within a nonprofit environment and have either a short or long term goal.
Standing committees are formed to assist with ongoing activities within the nonprofit. (Examples: Executive or Marketing committees.) Whereas ad hoc committees are formed to assist with short-term activities within the organization (Examples: Audit, By-laws etc.) and are usually dissolved after completion of that project.

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Education Committee Members

Committee Member

Joanie Bauman

Gladden Community House

Joy Chivers

Hocking Valley Medical Center

Lauren Barber

Columbus Speech & Hearing

Josh Gibson

Delaware General Health District

Pamela Shears

Prevent Blindness Ohio

Tracy Nelson

Member Services Committee Members

National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspector

Bill Henningsen

Prevent Blindness Ohio

Sherry William

NLB Brantner & Associates

Nancy Brantner

Jewish Community Center

Keiko Smith

Jewish Community Center

Barry Starr

Bexley Education Foundation

Sylvia Kolbe